Unique Gift Bag Ideas For Your Event

These forms of gift wrapping will definitely bring more value to the perfect item you’ve selected.Many events offer free goodies by giving away gift bags. But most of the time the items included are super boring. Like the usual pen and notebook or a t-shirt or so. It is definitely not delighting or exciting. This will be an instant buzzkill and your attendees wont get a good impression on you. So, how can you pump it up? After all, you cannot go for something extravagant as it can affect your budget instantly. Fortunately, we have some great ideas which wont drain off your bank account. Check them out below.


That’s right! Chocolate is one amazing way to pump it up. Who doesn’t love chocolate? It is exciting and everyone’s favorite sweet. You can even go a step further and add healthy chocolate. Gluten-free, raw chocolates are unique and special. They are both healthy and yummy. This way you wont disappoint the ones who are vegan or those who are trying to lose a bit of fat. Add the chocolate to some printed paper bags which shows off your logo. People will love what they find inside.

Scented candles or oils

Another amazing gift idea is essential oils or scented candles. They are super good smelling and everyone will love it. There might be people who are new to this category. You will be introducing something amazing to them. You can even include a set of essential oils. Get them from a reliable source. Essential oils can include some great benefits. They can even be used as treatments to certain illnesses and issues. Thereby, they are one great gift item to include. Or else you can opt for scented candles. This will light up their homes and they will love it. Include them inside some event bags Australia.

Glass or porcelain items

If you are in a tighter budget then you can opt for this category. You can get these items printed to give them as a souvenir to the guests. Teacups, pen holders, cheese platter are some examples for this category. Include a nice design to make it a lasting souvenir.


Giving away plants is a great gift for your guests and for the nature. You can get some amazing little potted plants to give away. This is something many have been doing and it is quite exciting. You can get flower plants or small bonsai plants. Either way your guests will have some amazing memory that will last for a really long time.