12 Essentials That Every Quilter Must Own

Making quilts can be interpreted as a profession or as a hobby. Whatever it was, it is never a waste of any sort. You could be a beginner or an expert, here’s why you should keep reading.

If you’re a beginner, it is essential that you have a good idea on the basic supplies that you need to start your journey as a quilter. If you’re an expert, you would remember that you read this article, and won’t have to go through the burden of forgetting to buy something and having to drive all the way to the store again. Hence, without further ado…
Here are 5 items that every quilter must own.

  • Sewing machine
    Does it sound too obvious? It shouldn’t. Because during the time when there was no such machine, quilts were still there. In fact, there are people in the present who are excellent in hand quilts. But using technology is never a bad idea.
  • Ironing board and iron
    If you already have one, you shouldn’t think that it’s all set. These quilt layers needs a heat transferring via thick layers of clothes. Hence, you must make sure that the iron is capable of doing that.
  • A set of stencils
    How are you going to do the tracing without them? In fact, unlike going for the ordinary ones, investing in quilting stencils for borders just might be quite helpful to improve your sewing game. That would cut off the burden of constant alignment. But, you bust make sure that you only buy them from a reliable service provide. Given that they are meant to be durable for a long time, you shouldn’t pay for garbage.
  • A rotary cutter
    We’re talking about quick-piecing your quilts and cutting off patchwork shapes and you need this amazing tool in your inventory. It doesn’t matter how much it costs, it will help you create the most amazing which you will not be able to create with conventional ones.
  • Separate kits
    Have you been following the same old patterns for a long time, or are you a beginning who wants to stich something magnificent. Your best shot in achieving that is via the use of quality applique quilt kits. Not only will you get to try something new, but you would be able to creative designs that are too amazing for someone can’t avoid.Apart from these, it is wise to invest on the following things as well.

    • Rotary rulers
    • Rotary cutting mats
    • Cotton fabrics
    • Marking tools
    • Fabric scissors
    • Paper scissors
    • Quilt walls

As long as you invest on all these 12 things, you would have the ultimate collection to sew the best quilts ever, period.

Writen by Cerys Bradshaw